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The missing link in 5G

The headline features of 5G mobile networks are new radio interfaces and new applications. But to provide the service those applications need, as well as fixing problems that operators have identified, also requires radical changes to the way packets are routed in the mobile network. More

We play a leading role in ETSI ISG NIN, which was set up to standardise Flexilink, a network protocol that has been identified as being able to natively and efficiently support the evolving demands of infoComms towards 2030 and beyond.

Features of Flexilink include:

We are active in many international standards fora in addition to ETSI ISG NIN, contributing the result of over 40 years' experience of developing digital networking systems. They include IEC TC100, ISO/IEC JTC1, and AESSC SC-02 Subcommittee on Digital Audio.

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Aubergine implementation platform and development environment.

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