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We have been designing digital networks since 1981; our first products, Multilink and Superlink, were used (indeed, are still in use) in a wide variety of applications including railway signalling, fire detection, and industrial control. They were also used in conjunction with our SimpleNet software for networking together computers with a wide variety of operating systems including CP/M, MSDOS, Unix, AmigaDOS, and the OS used on the Amstrad 128.

Before that we produced the operating software for equipment controlled by microprocessors (then a new type of component), and for personal computers including the Sinclair ZX range.

CoRoNet, our first resilient dual ring network, was launched in 1991.

In 1993 we produced the LanVision video-over-ATM card for PCs, followed by three more generations of video-over-ATM products.

In 1999 we were asked for AES3 audio over ATM, and implemented our Audiolink product. We played a leading part in producing the AES47 standard for professional audio over ATM (also published as IEC 62365), AES-R8 (synchronisation over wide areas), and AES51 (ATM service over Ethernet physical layer).

In 2004 we designed and built the RouteLive ATM switch for a project at BBC Radio 4, and led the standardisation of its Common Control Interface for networked digital equipment as IEC 62379.



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