IEC 62379

Common Control Interface
networked audio and video equipment


IEC Project Team 62379 is developing a set of standards to make it easy to

The Common Control Interface provides a standard means to control not only transmission across the network but also other functions within the equipment such as mixing, format conversion, playout of pre-recorded material, and installing software updates.

The protocols support communication across systems which include networks that do not all use the same underlying technology; for more details of how this will aid the migration to the Future Internet and future generations of mobile networks, click here.

Key features include:

A common format for audio and video being conveyed across the network is also specified, to avoid situations in which two pieces of equipment fail to communicate because there is no format which both support.

Equipment may, of course, also support other formats appropriate to particular applications, and the standard mechanisms for initiating and terminating communication will work for those formats in the same way as for the standard formats.

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Click here to see how you can help make sure that the new standards support the networking facilities your application needs.



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