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Audiolink 2 card

The AL020 interface card.
From left to right are: power supply, ATM 155 port, two Ethernet ports, MADI in, MADI out, RS232.
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Audiolink units connect professional audio equipment to an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network.

The encoding of the audio on the network conforms to AES47-2002, the new standard for transmission of digital audio over ATM networks.

Audiolink 1 interfaces connect to ATM networks at 25 Mbit/s over Cat3 UTP.

AL020 specification

Internal interfaces

External interfaces

From left to right along the front edge:

Power supply

Any of the following options can be used:


The AL020 has VCXOs to generate an audio clock for 32, 44.1, or 48 kHz sampling frequencies. This clock can be locked to any of:

On the I2S interfaces, word clock and bit clock may be sourced by the AL020 or by the "host" equipment; the AL020 also sources a reference clock from which the "host" equipment can derive its bit clock.

Internal routing

Audio can be routed, as single channels or as multi-channel bundles, between any of:

Data messages can be routed between any of:

ATM cells can be routed between any of:

This allows the Ethernet interfaces to be used to "daisy-chain" units together to share a single port on an ATM network. Because the Ethernet ports use auto-MDIX, no cross-over cables are required.


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